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The business case for designing and building green buildings continues to stack up. Green buildings deliver a range of benefits:

  • Higher return on investment
  • Attract quality tenants
  • Time and resource efficient
  • Environmental benefits.

Our lighting control system delivers on a number of key components of a green building. Not only does it work best with LED lights, the combination of the motion sensor, and light harvesting capability deliver even greater results in terms of environmental and commercial value.

how it works

The system enables lights to run at a lesser wattage and to turn on and off when needed. It’s smart enough to know when there is enough natural light in areas and dims the lights up and down to suit the light level required while also reducing the energy level the light is using.

Our solution provides architectural grade lighting products that will reduce design time and the complexity of meeting energy targets. It has capability to be configured to the specific requirements of your facility and if needs change, can be quickly and easily reconfigured remotely via a laptop or tablet.

Together with LED lamps, the sensor’s energy saving potential in a warehouse operating 24/7 with pallet rack aisles, is a saving of up to 90%.

In addition, because the sensor reduces the power usage of the light, it increases the life of the light by up to three times, reducing maintenance costs and delaying replacement costs.

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looking to achieve a Green Star rating?

Green Star is a voluntary sustainability rating system for buildings in Australia. The Green Star rating system assesses the sustainability of projects at all stages of the built environment lifecycle. Ratings can be achieved at the planning phase for communities, during the design, construction or fit out phase of buildings, or during the ongoing operational phase. For more information