Every building has an impact on the environment. Buildings

  • Use 40% of the world’s energy,
  • Emit 40% of the world’s carbon footprint, and
  • Use 20% of the world’s available drinking water.

Fortunately, we’re getting better at understanding how we can make buildings more water, waste and energy efficient. One way to impact your energy usage is to change your lights over to LED.

If you are considering switching to LED, this is the perfect time to also consider a sensor control system. The lighting control system is a low voltage product focused on controlling the operation of lights with the use of both ambient and presence protocols.

how it works

The lighting control system enables lights to run at a lesser wattage than your current lights and turns them on and off when needed. It’s also smart enough to know when there is enough natural light in areas and dims lights up and down to suit the light level required.

Removing lighting loads instead of just reducing them is the key. It is as simple as swapping your existing lights for our new product to achieve significant savings.

Implemented with LED lamps, this solution will

  1. Reduce your energy costs
  2. Enable you to have the same level of lighting that you have now
  3. Keep your staff in a constant light level when they need it, and adapt to their movements around the workspace.

The sensors also create a Bluetooth enabled matrix in your environment that allows them to communicate with each other. Light level requirements can be pre-set, and it’s quick and easy to adjust the system wirelessly with no need to directly access the sensor.

Contact us now for your obligation free site audit. We look forward to working with you to reduce your energy bills by up to 90%.