By Darren Edgell, Director, smirk

LED lighting retrofits are often seen as a pure expenditure or maintenance issue. In fact, high-quality LED lighting can deliver real capital improvement, measurable in building the market value of a property, thereby providing justification for many projects.

Energy, of course, remains a significant cost for buildings and facility managers and anything that can be done to manage and control energy costs will deliver a competitive advantage.

As a result, LED lighting is increasingly popping up in warehouses and commercial facilities as part of energy retrofit projects, as prices come down and technology improves. It offers a number of advantages including longer lamp life, using less heat, and providing equivalent light levels while using considerably less energy.

You also need to consider both long-term energy and maintenance savings and the impact of LED lighting projects on building market value to get a true indication of the cost of major retrofits. In this light, energy efficiency retrofits can produce big savings for commercial building owners.

When you change light fittings, it’s a perfect time to consider introducing a state of the art smart lighting control system (sensor). Built into highbay light fittings throughout the property, a lighting control system will deliver even greater savings by simply turning the lights on and off when needed.

When you undertake a capital project, you want to ensure it has a positive return on investment, impact on the environment and provide a great workplace for your people.