An owners corporation, and smirk lighting customer, manages a commercial office building located on Nepean Hwy in Moorabbin. This building has a two-storey car park, which has the lights on 24/7 even though the car park is rarely used outside of business hours.

A Senior Manager of the company, Georgina, said that the building owner was looking for a way to achieve cost savings by lowering electricity use without compromising security for car park users.

“We knew we could lower electricity costs by changing the lights over to LED, and we were also looking for a way to turn the lights off when the car park wasn’t being used, however it was critical that staff still felt as safe in the car park as they did when the lights were on around the clock.”

The company considered a number of options including the installation of infrared sensors scattered throughout the car park. “Even with the best possible design and set up, this option would still have resulted in black spots in some areas, which was not an acceptable outcome,” said Georgina.


The owners corporation approached smirk lighting for a recommendation, as they had worked with related business, Summit Electrical, in the past.

smirk assessed the car park usage patterns and traffic flow and found that lights were only used on average for around 2.4 hours each day. As such, smirk recommended the Sequence X car park management system, and agreed that the 300 T8 lamps should be replaced with LED tubes.

Darren Edgell, director smirk lighting, said that when a business is considering a lighting retrofit to save costs, a good place to start is with LED lamps as they provide equivalent light levels while using considerably less energy. “If you are looking at changing over your lights, it’s the perfect time to also consider a smart sensor solution, which will really ramp up the possible return on your investment.”

The car park management system uses sensors that are specifically designed for presence detection. “The solution is comprised of a network of sensors that are alert for movement, and will switch the lights on instantly and keep them on until movement ceases,” said Darren. “It uses microwave technology, which ensures there are no black spots, providing user comfort and total peace of mind.”

Georgina said that they chose the smirk solution because it met or exceeded all of their requirements, and because they had experienced great service from the team in the past.


The car park lamp retrofit was completed in September 2015.

In total, 300 lamps were replaced throughout the car park with LED tubes and the fully automated DC hard-wired underground control system was installed

Georgina said, “Though it’s early days, we already know our annual electricity costs will be just over $600. Previously we were paying over $17,000 a year, so this represents a significant cost saving. Based on our investment, full payback will be achieved in just 1.28 years.”

“Staff have already mentioned that they feel safe in the car park, which is very pleasing. We are very happy with this solution and looking at putting other sensor driven products into other areas of the building in future,” said Georgina.


ROI Calculation

Original annual electricity cost $17,693

New annual electricity cost $610

Savings $17,083

Investment $21,083 ex gst

Payback 1.28 years